UP-the-Creek Marina @ Vandemere

VANDEMERE, North Carolina


Cruising Destinations


It's about six miles from the marina to the ICW entrance heading north from Bay River, and about five more miles to Maw Pt Shoal Light ”2” where you enter the Neuse River or Pamlico sound.  It's about 14 more miles to Oriental. 

 Neuse River Destinations

1)       West Thoroughfare Bay off of West Bay   30 Miles

2)      Turnagain Bay – not recommended due to shoaling but looks promising on the chart…  21 Miles

3)      South River South side of Neuse – looks great!  25 Miles

4)      Broad Creek North side of Neuse – looks good – 20 Miles – on the way to Oriental?

5)      Oriental – marina or anchor out – 25 Miles

6)      Clubfoot Creek – excellent.  Matthews Point Marina highly recommended  - 33 Miles

7)      Goose Creek okay for anchoring  40 Miles

8)      Upper Broad Creek – Blackbeard Sailing Club – highly recommended   42 Miles

9)      Northwest Creek good as well Northwest Creek Marina @ Fairfield  43 Miles

10)   New Bern   46 Miles

Pamlico River Destinations

1)      Deep Bay off of Rose Bay East of Pamlico River North Shore – okay for anchoring

2)      Bellhaven – via ICW north – great town, marinas  29 Miles

3)       South Creek (28 Miles)and Bond Creek (23 Miles) good for anchoring

4)      East Fork not so good…

5)      Durham Creek too shallow…

6)      Bath – highly recommended – great historic town – anchor on Back Creek  33 Miles

7)      Blounts Creek – good anchorage north of bridge  36 Miles

8)      Broad Creek – good marinas McCotter’s recommended   38 Miles

9)      Washington – City Docks.  44 Miles

Pamlico Sound – Outer Banks

1)      Core Sound – not recommended
Ocracoke – excellent!  National Park Service or Anchorage Marina, or anchor out  35 Miles
3)   Might be fun to visit Hatteras

Intercoastal South
 – 20 Miles from Neuse to Beauford – 35 Miles to Cape lookout (add 27 Miles to ICW Neuse River Entrance from the marina)



Flowing through the towns of Pamlico and  Whortensville, Although the banks are lined with homes and docks, BroadCreek has a wildness that is unchanged. The mouth of Broad Creek lies on the north portion of the Neuse River and was the location of the fabled Neuse River Lighthouse.  The pilings of the old lighthouse can still be seen between NR6 and NR4 markers. It has an easily navigable entrance with min  of 7ft depth.  The main anchorage is located in the vicinity of R4 with 12ft' of depth and good holding adjacent to the new River Dunes Marina. Just a short dinghy ride down Pittman Creek is the famous Paradise Shores Marina and Bar. A hideaway truly reminiscent of the islands, proprietors Paul and Rose have brought together an eclectic mix of people, artifacts and entertainment to Pamlico County. Anchor out Sat. Evening and attend the weekly potluck dinner, have beer and wine and enjoy the atmosphere.
  Vandemere, NC to Broad Creek 15nm


Cape Lookout

Cape Lookout, among all the anchorages in the North Carolina Coast, would probably rank #1.  It’s the kind of spot that makes you feel guilty for having the opportunity to experience this truly perfect setting. Although the Bite is a tranquil place there is plenty going on to entertain you while lounging on your boat. Lookout is a hub of activity for pleasure boaters and fishermen but by evening the anchorage quiets down and  is only disrupted by schools of jumping Mullet fish and the Pelicans that dive after them. Watch the weather, Lookout is a very protected anchorage but can get a little choppy during a N wind. For boats any boats above a 3’ draft, you will be in the Atlantic Ocean for a little bit and it can get exciting. Beaufort Inlet, one of the most stable and easily navigable in North Carolina, can be quite busy on weekends and during fishing tournaments. Be alert, but prepare yourself for a wonderful sail as you approach the Bite. The lighthouse and surrounding grounds host an interesting museum about the early inhabitants of the Outer Banks, the early years of the Coast Guard and brave Surf men who rescued shipwrecked sailors. There are miles and miles of unspoiled beaches to stroll looking for shells, great spots for surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing, or just laying around watching the waves roll in.   Cape Lookout Bite is reached by sailing NE, 6NMfrom Beaufort Inlet up the coast of Shackelford Banks to Lookout Day Beacon #1.  Lookout is not just a cruising destination; it can be reached by private car or passenger ferry from Atlantic and Harkers Island. From Vandemere Creek follow the ICW to Morehead City, the channel to the inlet is clearly marked.
 Vandemere, NC to Cape Lookout 47nm.


Ocracoke Island

There isn't much to say about Ocracoke that hasn't already been said. America's #1 Beach, home of the infamous Black Beard, Howard's Pub, Arts and Crafts, the native islanders drogue, and more fresh fish, crab and oysters that you could possibly eat. Ocracoke is a one of a kind place. Throughout the year there are several festivals featuring local artist and musicians. But for a change try it in the off season. You'll meet more of the local people and have more time to wonder the streets without the hustle of beach goers. If you like surf casting, you'll be in heaven. The beaches are lined with beach buggies of all shapes and sizes sporting their rod holders and scores of friendly fishermen enjoying the setting with a cold one. If you are in need of a brew they will happily offer one up in exchange for your ear. Ocracoke is probably the most popular destination for sailors and power boaters around North Carolina. There are several marinas and reservations are necessary from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  The National Park Service has inexpensive moorings on a first come first serve basis with 30/50amp service and water. But Lots of folks prefer to anchor out. Be cautious, everyone seems to know someone who has drug anchor in Silver Lake. 
Vandemere, NC to Ocracoke Island 38nm


West Bay Anchorage

Sail  from Vandemere Creek to the NR marker at the junction of Neuse River and the Bay River, take a heading of 130deg for 10nm and you will be at a truly spectacular anchorage. A long white sand beach reminiscent of South Florida awaits you with clear blue/green water great for frolicking. The anchorage has a good bottom and 15-20' from shore has 10 feet of depth. During  a SW breeze anchor on the north side of the spit, in a N or NE wind follow the channel inside West Bay and anchor on the SE side. Your view is of Cedar Island National Wildlife Preserve and just to the SE of Cedar Island Village which is the jumping off point for the Ocracoke Ferry. Cedar Island has deeply ingrained maritime traditions, and a tour of its homes and people will feel like a step back into simpler times. Great fishing, oystering, clamming, and crabbing are to be found in these waters.
Vandemere, NC to West Bay 20 nm


South River Anchorage

South River is located toward the mouth on the Neuse River. Even though its probably the most popular weekend anchorages its size makes it anything but crowded. Meandering close to 6nm with min depths of 6.5' up to over 11', South River has many secluded places to drop the hook. Situated near one of Eastern Carolina's oldest human settlements, the creek and tributaries once housed populations of Neusk and Algonquin Indian settlements. South River is graced by great fishing, good 
swimming holes, and plenty of creeks to explore in the dinghy or kayak. A true 'Gunk Hole', the length of the river is very protected and has a good bottom. South River's quiet, pristine unaltered landscape is pure tranquility.
Vandemere, NC to South River 20nm